Thursday, June 5, 2008

Queen Kate?

Oh Noooooooooo!!! Just when the bad news hit (rising of fuel price), Prince William is really getting married. I'm going to mourn over this. Good thing i'm wearing black today. Haha. I know there's probably a few hundred thousand commoners like me (who dreams to be a princess since a little girl) who would want to wed a prince like Prince William. i'm just like any other Prince William's fan, but i adored him since so long that i dont know when.

Prince William and soon-to-be Queen Kate/ Catherine Middleton

Reminiscing those moments when Aqila would be Prince Harry's girlfriend and i'd be who else's la kan? But it's okay William, i have Prince Andrea Casiraghi of Monaco and Prince Caspian (haha!). It's Andrea's gain and your loss. :) Anyways, congratulations on your wedding. Good thing you're not getting married to any Princess but another commoner like Princess Di. (I miss you, Princess Diana)

Prince Andrea Casiraghi of Monaco and (hehe) Prince Caspian

Anyways, Happy 24th birthday to MY Prince Andrea Casiraghi this 8th June.

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