Wednesday, June 11, 2008

KL here i come

this weekend. yes.
i'll be in KL mainly cos i'm meeting up with Mr Boyfy and i also need to meet Nad (who came back for good from Ireland), to meet Attie and Lan (we're going for P Ramlee together) and hopefully to shop too.

just cant wait. My flight tomorrow is at 1215. As usual, flying with AirAsia. I booked the tickets a few days back. Regret it cos i had to pay RM460 for 2 (for my sis and i).
Same goes to the P. Ramlee the musical tickets which was only bought yesterday during lunchtime (biaselaa, being indecisive) and also the booking of our hotel. Late. Again. It was not planned, so i had to pay double. Double trouble.

P. Ramlee the musical was also last minute. Kak Rina was persuading me to go for it cos she went the and was like "Yong best gile!!!!!Kak rina nak pegi lagi, tapi tickets sold out." Hmm you get what i mean now?

So this might, yes MIGHT be my last entry for the week. Have a good weekend!

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