Wednesday, June 18, 2008

UITM di hatiku

no. not me. Elly is going to UiTM Melaka. Congrats Sista!!

It somehow made me sad.
Sad that she's leaving me behind. Sad that i'll be shopping alone. Eating alone. Hmm
Less fun. Less gossips. Less hairdo's. Hmm

She'll be miles and miles away. I'm aware of technology. Please dont remind me. Thank you.

Some people think that i'm just over-reacting but HEY! she's my sister, just let me be sad for awhile ok. Hmm :(

Guess, i'll need a new hobby.

To Elly with love,
You'll always be my only sister
I love you
I wish you luck and all the support you need
I wish you all the love and happiness
Have fun while you're there
Have fun meeting new friends
But always remember where you stand
Remember me, our family
Remember your grounds and Allah s.w.t
Remember that Solat is your pillar
I want the best for you and
I want you to know that i'll be there,
anytime, anywhere
and i will always love you..

(pardon me for being emotional over this)

1 comment:

Sabrina Zubaidi said...

alalala..kasian deh lor..

To Yong
K rina rase u shud find another sister to replace ely.. till she grad.. hmmm.. siapa ya.. haaaa!!! kak rina tau... ALIA IMAN!.. hahaha..sure tak bosan but you will turn (&*^&%%$*.....)

To Ely
Congrats and gud luck! hiks hiks tsk tsk (now u hv to do all chores by yourself. it's kinda tough u know! huh!)