Sunday, June 29, 2008

from penang to lendu with love (part 1)

it was a really long weekend.

27th June 2008

it started out when my parents, Edros the brother, Elly the sister (the one i've been talking about going to Uitm for the past week) and i travelled from Penang to KL. We reached KL around dinner time and we settled for Marche. It was Elly's choice as she'll be eating merepek stuff after this. So we all pon kesian la kan, takpe lah.

i love her to bits

After a lil bit of the yummy yum grilled chicken breast, mashed potato, spaghetti carbonara, cut fruits and apple-lemon juice, my body temperature was slightly above normal, seriously.

Grilled chicken breast @ Marche

We were sleeping over at Aunty Nor's superbly huge and beautiful villa in Putrajaya. When Adura meets Tina, that means long girly talks. I was not feeling well, but meeting her and Tini,her sister we had endless talks until we couldnt even open our eyes and that was around 4am. Seriously, Tina i hate you for your own jacuzzi. Yes people, she has a jacuzzi in her own bathroom! (Pa can i have one of my own pleeeeeeeeasssee! :) I should have taken pictures of it but i was really not in the photographer mode. Demam, remember?

Mama and Aunty Nor @ the beautiful villa

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