Monday, June 30, 2008

from penang to lendu with love (Part 2)

28th June 2008

We were suppose to leave for Melaka at 8-ish but all of us were so tired after that looooooooonng talk and we left at 11am. I was also one of the reason, i didnt want to mandi. Was too cold cos I was sick and be a baby out of it. Plus, Elly was so like a makcik cos she was running around the house and trying to get all of us to get up and get going. She was so like me. I could see that in her. Haha.

Isn't he lovely?

Before we left, I met Ishbir (Kak Linda's son, my nephew) and boy was he charming. Sangatlah hensem and he had this rock-ish voice a la David Cook. But i so wanted to see Anis, my look-alike niece. Its been ages.

Arriving at Lendu, Melaka was an okay feeling. It had this kampung style and all. As i expected it to be. I couldnt imagine anything better. The hostel. The campus. Not bad. Its waaaay better than KYPM. Registration took us around 10-15minutes. Guess being late was not that bad after all.

After lunch at Tesco, which was a 2ominutes drive from Uitm, we had to leave Elly for her orientation and what not. Believe me i was in tears but i had to hide myself in the car. I did not want to make it uneasy for her. I know she knows that too. Before i forget, there's a fish pond spa (very popular now) at the Tesco at a price of RM20 for 30minutes. Believe it or not? As far as i remember reading in Female Mag, its at RM200-ish or more, so I'm definitely going to Lendu every month!

Later on we headed for A Famosa Resort. It has 2 large rooms, 2 bathroom, kitchen, living room/hall. The master bed has 2 queen sized bed while the other had 2 connected-singles which was the size of a King.

We had dinner at Duyung, somewhere in Melaka. Its all about seafood. But too bad i was not feeling well, I did not enjoy it. Later, my brother and i, and Syasya went for a drink with Edros' friend, Kurt (tauke kraftangan in Melaka) at K5, next to Equatorial Hotel. Very nice! I like the ambience. If you happen to be in Melaka, drop by and you'll know :)

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