Monday, June 23, 2008

f r i e n d s

"The only way to have a friend is to be one."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I got this quote somewhere off the Net and i thought how wonderful it is to be talking bout my friends. Near and far. Close friends or just friends. Watever sort of friends. Friends i've made and broken throughout my life. I'm sorry but i would not be able to name all of them but insyaAllah, i'll name some of them. For those i forgot to mention, i didn't forget you, you know i won't.

And while i'm in this subject i would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you (your name here :) who had supported me along my journey of life, my gazillion episodes of reality show or drama whatever you call it, through highs and lows, happiness and sadneess, tears and joy, you name it!

I have always remembered all that, but i'm only human, i may slip a few details here and there. I may miss calling you on your birthday or anniversary or weddings (sorry Ain) . I may misscommunicate with you, or did anything that might hurt you in anyway you name it. I may ignore you when i'm busy. I may not return your calls or SMSes. I may do do whatever in which i cannot think of now.

Unless if i really hate you, then i'll mean it but if you know me very well, i'm a girl with good heart (if not takde la im called Sayangness, kan?). So i'd probably let that slip off my mouth or behaviour what-nots by accident or without going through my "mind-filter" or i might be so freaking busy or stressed out with life, work, family or relationship. Please forgive me.

My Ex even complained when i put my friends first than him. Well, i try to be as fair as possible with my friends and boyfriend. I'm sorry if sometimes i had my friends tagging along on our date and to my friends, i'm sorry if i had him tagging along too (Nad, i know you didn't mind, but i'll make it up to you). But it worked for me and Attie cos we had our double-date, yes?

For Aisyah's wedding this coming October, I hope the Wedding Showers is on and the whole 306 gals (Nad, Attie, Aisyah ,the bride, Ekin, Fafa and ET) and i will have lots and lots of fun. For Ada whose going to miss it, I'm sorry but I hope we plan for something fun too, yeah? Food-hunting again maybe? I hope when August comes, and Fairy comes back, I'll have lots of time for her, to share gossips and stories and sleepovers since i have not met her for 2-3 years now?

To Dirah and Shaz, I hope we will meet again and not at Pavilion's escalator. Definitely a real date, okay? Please bring along Shigim with you, i miss her so much! To Kin, my KL-Penang friend, the person i thought i would not be friends with, I'm going to miss you when you graduate and go back to KL. No more mamak fix. Haha. Eida, I am glad you are going to marry and get old in Penang, at least i know who to call to lepak-lepak. Nadiah, while you're still here in Malaysia, lets go hang out and talk nonsense like high-school, and hear your poyo American accent slip you tongue. Just cant wait for our Mat Saleh celup, Nurul (who got engaged the Mat Saleh way, congrats anyway) to come back and the SGGS gals to reunite. haha!! Friends, friends.


Other friends i have met and forgotten, those whom i have lost contact with, please forgive me and i hope we can be better friends for each other and please keep in touch with me no matter where you are and what you do cos a friend is still a friend. So from today, i vow to be a better friend.

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