Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MOMO & RORO's 23rd birthday

Last nite, 25th June 2008, my siblings, my friends and i planned for a surprise birthday party for Momo and Roro who are turning 23 at TGIF, Queensbay Mall.

It was a whole lot of fun as we (the whole troop) have not met in a long time and Andy just got back from her Badminton Tournament in Sarawak and SR just got back from the land of the rising sun, hait! Yes Japan :) (Lots of souvenirs for me. I'll definitely share pix with you guys soon ok?)

Well im not really in the writing mood, so here's a few pics and also videos that will explain it all. Have fun and drool over the food, ya :)

before dinner arrives

ultimate nachos and virgin strawberry daiquiry

the birthday song

the chocolate malt birthday cake

the birthday boy and his gift

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