Tuesday, June 10, 2008

wedding bells

yup, another upcoming wedding due in two weeks time. its going to be my lil cousin , Nadya.

Yes, she's 2 years younger than i am. She called my dad early this morning to break the news, a very short notice indeed. I wonder how she wil pull off the kenduri, maybe she had planned it waaay earlier. I wish you all the best!

We haven't been that close since her late mother (papa's older sis) passed away when we were waaaayyyy younger. Then, her father remarried and moved to Perlis. We hardly meet during Raya or any other relatives' wedding and what not, but whatever it is we are still family. Well Nadya, you definitely skipped 2 of your sisters (Me and Anim) and a few other cousins. Congratulations, and can't wait to see you at your wedding next 2 weeks! (Definitely an entry for this and more pictures, yay!)

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