Tuesday, September 16, 2008

11th Day of Ramadhan

The day finally came. I'm going to KL tomorrow for some shopping as well as meeting up with you-guessed-who. The thing is, i have a surprise for my dear friends. The ones who'll be there on Saturday at Nelayan. What? Well, its CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES in a box with coloured ribbons. So like a wedding/party favor because i'll be baking for Mr Boyfy and family, why not i make it for my friends too right? Nad and Attie had been longing for it after all. Right? (Yes, ET next batch for you and Sya, ok?)

And another thing, i tried to make my own Cucur Keria which turned out so pretty and taste pretty as well. Even though i end up reaching home late but surprisingly managed to get the first batch in time for Buka Puasa. YAY!

Sadly, i was too caught up with day-dreaming to snap a picture of it. Hopefully, either one of them have one so i can share it here.

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