Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9th Day of Ramadhan

Yesterday after work was thrilled to get my parcel. I was practically jumping. In the parcel was a high-heeled gladiator shoes. Yummy i know! Well, after a long thought of buying glads for myself, the flats and knee-wrapping ones won't do me good as (1) i'll be in my jeans/pants all covered and (2) well, i'm Malaysian truly Asian, so i'm on the average height and i'm curvy (i'm not going to use the term fat and short as i'm not, sorry hehe ;) So that's a big NO!. Dont expect me to pay for a shoe and wear it at home.

So as anyone would, i wore it for work and matched it with my bag. Well, with my top ala avant garde i just had to wear with that 3 1/2 inch high. Believe me, its just another excuse. [Notice the picture for Her Sayangness]

I got home early to cook spaghetti bolognaise a la sayangness. Full of love, loaded with tomatoes, minced beef, celeries, olives and mushrooms. Yummy, trust me. And for the dessert, i made Caramel to pair it with my italian heart throb. Takkan i nak serve Kuih Keria with Spaghetti? Too fusion. Bon apetit!


reena said...

Loveeeeee ur glads! I ada yg flats je.From Nine West.Tak reti pakai heels laa..Hehe.

ameera said...

killer shoes :) its super gorgeous :)

Hanna The Belgariad said...

kat mane yong oxford tuh?
btw, nice sandal!!!!!