Monday, September 29, 2008

27th Day of Ramadhan

Happy Birthday to Miss Sayangness!!!

Yes, i am 24 this year and i'm happy, happy, happy. Thanks to those who wished well for me, dear family, Mr Boyfy and friends. Thanks for remembering. Its an effort i admire cos remembering birthdays are tough, you know. Anyways, just to kill the time, here's my 2008 wishlist. Hopefully someone read my mind good. *hopeful*

10. I want to always smell good, I need more perfumes for my collection.

9.I cant get enough of self-indulgement and definitely loving the Body care from Body Shop.

8. Spa? Again? Yes, since i've been working overtime for the Raya preparation and my body is definitely aching.

7. I cant't get the right handbag the other day, so i'm hoping i get a better one soon even if its not Coach, i'm good. Im not that particular you know.

6. Im loving Kitchenaid's Pink Mixer, which has multiple functions and with this item, you're doing charity for the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. Yes, its limited edition.

5. I definitely need a new and BIGGER oven. and this one, look superbly gorgeous. kan? kan? so please papa please!!!

4. I've been meaning to have this Pink Vaio like forever, not but Papa told me i don't really need one. But i think i might need it sooner than ever.

3. Jewelleries. I need to be iced, well this is my biggest dream. To get a diamond ring. Dont ask me why but i never had something so certain as a gift and i dont mean a wedding/engagement ring but if i'm lucky who knows.

2. A wedding? Who doesnt want to be wed? At the age of 24, my number 2 is getting married. Maybe not this year,maybe 2009? 2010?

1. Lastly, i wish for LOVE. Lots and lots of love. From my parents, siblings, Mr.Boyfy, family, friends, and everyone too. Lots of Sayangness.


reena said...

happy belated birthday!

semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki slalu!

reena said...

oh btw, i loveeeeee that pelamin too!