Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Like only a woman can

Its just one of the songs i want to be played on my wedding. Better still if he sings it to me. Weird kan? Hopefully he agrees. Haha. Pardon me for being hopelessly romantic.

I wasn't perfect,
I've done a lot of stupid things
Still no angel
I wasn't looking for forgiveness
I wasn't laid up by my pride
Just shocked by her attention
Did someone sign me up for love?
I didn't want it
But now I can't live without it
She changed my life
She cleaned me up
She found my heart
Like only a woman can
She pulls me up
When she knows I'm sad
She knows her man
Like only a woman can
She's kinda perfect
She's kinda everything I'm not
Yes, she's an angel
It's amazing how she's patient
Even more at times I'm not
She's my conscience
But who decided I'd be hers?
I want to hate them
Cause now I can't live without her

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