Saturday, September 27, 2008

26th day of Ramadhan

It started very early morning. To be precise i didn't sleep as I've been busy baking (sleeping in between baking, shikes). It was me and the brother, heading off to Melaka to pick up dearest sis for her holiday breaks. (Sorry sis, been awhile that i haven't blogged about you) So kind-hearted siblings she has that we drove all the way for her sake, well not entirely as i wanted to celebrate my birthday. After mean karaoke sessions in the car with Edros, we spotted a white baby zooming up the highway and we actually caught a video of it, speeding but i i do, then i'll get summon letters as well for racing (rephrasing, in a better way: to catch the car in action)

Beautiful white baby audi

As we reached Lendu (that's where Uitm Melaka is) and got Elly on board, we headed to the hotel. This time, we were staying at Equatorial Hotel. Booked by me with courtesty of Papa. Thank you so muchhhh, Pa!!

From the balcony

Beautiful room, with not so beautiful view. What the heck? At least i see the Straits of Malacca, thats enticing enough. Its a great place to stay, smack in the midst of the city and walking distance to Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade. There's also 7Eleven nearby just in case you need to grab something late night. I had the getaway package which was inclusive of a deluxe room with 2 comfy single beds, a great bathtub and MYR138 of F&B (MYR150 if you're a HSBC credit card holder). So that'll pay off for the 5 of us to Sahur at the restaurant. Such a great deal!

I miss my sister

Since it was the month of Ramadhan, we were all fasting except dear Edros. He said, he's a musafir, therefore he's allowed to not be fasting but correct me if i'm wrong. To past the time while waiting for break fast, we toured the very famous (stated by dear sis) Dataran Pahlawan. Not a bad place after all. More like Ampang Point, KL or Gurney Plaza in Penang. They had Big Apple so, a dozen of those please!

choosing his catch

We headed off to the ever-famous Umbai. A place of seafood heaven. Definitely a heaven on earth. Fresh seafood for sale! Pick your choice of fish, squids, prawns or crabs and they'll have it cooked or grilled for you. Yummy-licious food all the way. Just makes me drool blogging about it.

The food, that's only half of it and i ate the other half

Mal was there too for my bday dinner

So after dinner, we came back to the hotel and chatted away till after Sahur. I didn't get any birthday cake this year but even without the cake i had so much fun and Mal, too, stayed with us and it was such a great birthday since i celebrated it with close people, people i love most. Just wished that i had my 306 girls with me too.

Again, Happy Birthday to ME!!

Love, AduraSayangness

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reena said...

Oh thanks for this entry! I plan nak pi Melaka nanti.Btw Umbai tu kat mana? Must go ni.