Monday, September 29, 2008

29th day of Ramadhan

The spirit of Raya meluap-luap di dada (sorry but i dont have a better idiom to use to express my feelings). So freaking excited especially having to bake all those cakes and i can barely wait to give out duit Raya and kuih raya for my relatives. Its just enchanting.

My mood for work had been killed by the smell of freshly baked cookies, kuah kacang and rendang mama had just cooked. Yum-yum. Believe me, Mama make the best kuah kacang and rendang i've ever tasted in Malaysia's history. Maybe not, but i'm with my mom. Boo-you! And since my cousins came to Penang for Raya, i was more excited, felt like a kid, like old times. But i bet i won't be getting any duit raya including from my parents. It'd be a Jackpot if they hand to me a green packet filled with money.

The pretty flowers in the basket Mr Boyfy's mom gave me

My bag was ready to go, my green packets, make-up box. Everything was there. But i forgot to stop by the local florist to get roses,oh no! Flowers for my family who are not celebrating together on this beautiful Syawal. My late-grandparents and relatives. I wanted the best for them so i bought for dozens of Roses; Red,Pink and Yellow with White pom-poms. I don't really favor the boring flowers so why not spend a little bit more for some pretty stuff. I bet my late Pah Ramlah, Pah Yang Tek and aunts would love it. And yes it turned out beautiful. No one could agree more.

Wish i could bath in all this flowers. Next time, k :)

Friends, please dont just spend your Eid Mubarak with those with you, but remember those who left us, family and friends. Celebrate with them with a visit or Al-Fatihah,both would be best.

Love, AduraSayangness

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