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20th Day of Ramadhan

Fasting by language can be understood as refrain. From the syara' aspect the term means self abstain from food or drink to a certain term.

Allah s.w.t's commandment “ Dear religious persons, fasting was compelled upon ye like it have been obligated onto followers who before you, may you become persons have piety. “ (QS Al-Baqarah : 183)

What fasting means?
Fasting means abstaining oneself from eating and drink and from doing all that can annul fasting from the emerging of dawn until sunset. Muslims are also required to abstain from cheat, bad talks or vain, and from argue or fight. This is because fasting make one patient, honest and compromise within itself. Indirectly, fasting also helps inculcate good and kind attitudes. And all that is expected to be protracted to following months, and not only during the fasting month.

Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali in his book Ihya al-'Ulumuddin had already divided fasting into 3 forms:
1.Public Fasting (shaum al-'public): refrain from matters that annuls fasting like eating and drink.
2.Particular person Fasting (shaum al specific): comply fasting from senses and our whole body from creating sins.
3. Special people Fasting, super specific (shaum al khawasi al khawas): comply fasting 'conscience', namely not thinking of extremely question of worldliness

Division of the above let Muslims to think and study in which category where will they intend to stay

Laws of Fasting
Fasting in the month of Ramadhan makes the third principles of Islamic. This Islamic law was given to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. on the 10 Syaaban 2nd year of Hijr. Therefore it is obligatory to make by all Muslims. Other compulsory fasting is the kifarah fasting and vow fasting.
Following days are best for Muslim people to fast:
• Fast six day in the month Syawal
• Fast on the Arafah Day, 9 Zulhijjah
• Fast on the Asyura Day, 10 Muharam
• Fasting on Monday And Thursday
• Fast on the Mid-Month, 13,14,15 every month

Fasting Prerequisites
Muslims that fulfill the requirements hereunder compulsory to fast to month of Ramadhan:
• Intelligent / rational
• Puberty (adult)
• Afford / no sickness.

Fasting's Validity Condition
While the fasting condition accepted in Islam (valid) is:
• Muslims
• Mumayyiz (know distinguish for better for worse)
• Holy from menstruation and puerperal
• Perfect his mind's mind on that day
• In time permit fasting, that is not within illegal fast.

Rules of Fasting
There are two, namely:
• To intend his nocturnal
• Imsak (refrain from matters cancel fast start emerge dawn to setting sun).

Principles of Fasting
Following matters are advisable when fasting:
• Eat post-midnight meal and delaying it
• Speed up breaking of fast and its optional to break fast with dates or sweet things or water
• Serve breaking fast Muslims
• To increase religious worship and make good.

Acts that Void Fasting
The following matters will void fasting, if happen:
• Eat and drink intentionally
• Vomit intentionally
• Intercourse
• Menstrual or puerperal
• Mad (insane)
• Faint or stone all day.
• Smoking clean fish day.
• Apostasy (out from Muslim)
• Include something into open cavity

People Permissible to Break Fast
to the following group are permissible (should) to break fast:
• Sick person
• Person in whose wayfarer (travel)
• Weak old people
• Pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mother.

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