Tuesday, September 16, 2008

12th Day of Ramadhan

After Sahur, frosting the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache (yes, more chocolate!), i thought i should rest a while before leaving for KL. We were supposed to leave around 8 but ended up at 11. Yup, this time you can blame me for being such a slow-mo. Well, what's there to rush?

Elly was to arrive by 5 but she was a slow-mo too. Maybe its the fasting month, so everyone's such a slow-mo. I ended up baby-sitting my two little brothers before heading to Pavillion for dinner. Bored of Madam Kwan i was, not really but i was saving a spot in my delicate tummy for Hartamas' Lala and rice. Yum-yum!

Adam the clown

We had a light buka puasa at the Food Republic. I shared with him a nicely grilled chicken and sausage with mashed potato and steamed vege. I skipped drinks for dessert. The infamous Fruit Jelly Cocktail on Shaved ice. Something like Ice Kacang but they replaced the colourful syrups and the nuts, raisins, jellies and all with jellies and fruit cocktail. I love it. Sweer and sour at the same time. Elly had Carbonara, Brushetta and Mushroom soup. I hate her for the genes she has.

Iqmal and Elly

P/S: Can't wait for tomorrow!

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