Monday, September 8, 2008

7th day of Ramadhan

Like the other days it was raining and raining. And today marked the first week of Ramadhan. I had nothing much to do but reviewing Gossip Girl Season 1 before the new season hits our shores (i dont know how long it'll take to hit our shores). But let's just hope since Mynn's entry on Chuck Bass made me anxious to watch the 2nd season and what they'll be wearing!

Papa asked if i wanted to go see a new and bigger oven for me. I didnt even help out in the kitchen. Mama was making Kuih Lopis. We're having that for dessert. It is made from pulut, covered with grated coconut and served with gula melaka. Utterly delicious!

Since it was raining, I was not in the mood for anything but being a couch potato but it changed by mid-day. I hit the salon for some hair treatment and trimmings as well. Talk a bit, read magazines and almost slept through the long treatment and I ended up being late for buka puasa. Gosh!

Kuih Lopis

However, i was thinking that i would not have the Monday blues. I usually dont have problems with Mondays but...
Fasting + rainy mornings = dont want to go to work!

So that means everyday, not just Monday right? I just feel lke staying in, doing nothing. Not like i have anything to do at home. Well, there's tonnes like spring cleaning my room, and re-organise my wardrobe and the room as well. Ok, there's a lot to do but can i be excused now before i start sleeping?

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azrul izwan said...

you had me at "Fasting + rainy mornings = dont want to go to work!"..

best equation EVER!