Monday, September 22, 2008

14th day of Ramadhan

Early Sunday morning. It was as mellow as can be. Late last night, i slept walk and followed Edros for sahur. We had Mcdonald for sahur cos the food at the hotel buffet sux. The only thing i can eat was the croissant and strawberry jam. Whatevs.

So it was the last day to shop and i went to KLCC. I was the last one to get ready. Believe it or not? Cos I'm always the one waiting for him, and when it comes to my turn he whined. So at KLCC, again, it was the hunt for stuffs. We were like on some TV game, shop-till-you-drop kinda thing. But seriously i was aimless. Aimless on what to shop.

For once in my life, i had nothing to buy. Well not nothing but i bought a new pair of trainers. Definitely after Raya im hitting the gym! Yerrite. I wanted the Coach bag, but the strap was too thick, so pass. Lucky for Papa that i turned down his offer but i wouldnt want to buy something worth a few grants and leave it in the dust bag, right?

So well, to kill time i went escourting Mama to Gucci, Ferragamo, Dunhill, Aigner and a few others in search of Papa's birthday gift. Believe me people, its no fun when you enter a designer shop and they'll be looking at you with this "what on earth are you doing here?" kinda look.

I felt like laughing as well cause they're paid to sell these things which i believe they might not even know the name or the money to buy, right? You'd be smiling if you happened to be in my shoes before. Im not showing off as if i can afford these thing but please, at least respect your customers. One crazy example was the Tiffany&Co, (yes, I'm being forward here) if you happen to enter the one at Pavillion, you'll be welcome as cold as ice. Not the diamonds the way they look at you. Goodness! Lets have a hapy entry shall we?

So we got Papa this clutch bag from Dunhill and was greeted so warm by the Dunhill team especially by this pretty Indo chick named Erin. Clap clap to them. They even serve tea for you but since we were fasting so, again pass.

Greedy Me

Break fast was at Marche. Yes, from KLCC to Curve for the sake of some Marche buffet. Great, great buffet. Salmon curry, Grilled seafood, pasta, roti jala, panna cotta, ice creams, pizzas, steack, lamb chops, salads, soups, you name it! Yum yum humpty dum.

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