Tuesday, September 9, 2008

8th Day of Ramadhan

Im counting days, like a wife waiting for her travelling soldier. NOT! (i'm humming Dixie Chicks' Travelling Soldier song). Well, actually i was counting the days till my birthday. Yay! Well not to an additional year but YAY for no reason. I'm always excited when it comes to birthdays, believe me i'd go a looong way to prepare for someone's birthday or just any occasion (family, Mr Boyfy and friends). I'll bake cakes, cupcakes, surprise with a party with mostly home-made food, call the whole gang, you know everything. From planning to execution, i'll do it on my own with help from little elves. (Believe me, if i need to, i'll be that SUPERWOMAN you need me to be.)

I once hoped that someone, like me would do the same, but it fell apart. I dont know if i hoped to high. Because sometimes a surprise won't surprise me at all as i'd be able to feel the aura. But there were also a few instances that occured to me which i really didn't see it coming. Was it what they did was effortless than i did like lets-eat-out-and-buy-a-cake kinda thing? Ever since, i've never been counting on people so much to do so to me. Not that i need a birthday bash at the Hamptons, a party with clowns and pinata or even a party with dozens of people i'm not close with. I dont need that. Nevertheless, i love my family for their birthday presents, and i love my friends who will always remember my birthday from afar and never fails to make me smile with their SMSs or calls better still send a package.

I dont know why i'm blogging on this. Definitely not asking for sympathy but just a heartfelt. Im sure there's others who thinks the same way i as i did. If you know what i mean. But from my point of view (which may not be as important as the Financial Minister's on pertol price) , everyone wants to be special and appreciated on their special day. So please start caring for others cos i know how it feels, maybe you too. Nevertheless, i've always put in mind that i'm special regardless with or without a party.

Gazillion apologies to friends and families who i may have forgotten their special day but maybe you could leave me your birthdate with me?

I may as well wish my beloved cousin Mastina Masood for blowing 24 candles this year. Happy Birthday LOVE!

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