Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2nd Day Ramadhan

It was funny when it was time to "buka puasa". The first of the month, excited like anyone would. It marked the first day of Ramadhan. We were all seated at the dining table excluding little Adam whom "puasa yang-yok,pagi-pagi bukak periuk". We missed haing Elly around for buka puasa as there'll be the extra chaos coming out from her (hope she's not reading this entry as she'll be teary-eyed).

When we heard the call for prayers, its time to 'buka puasa'. Everything seemed so delicious when you're out at the Souq Ramadhan (bazaar selling food for 'buka puasa') but sometimes we get too greedy and buy anything nice to eat. Its such waste when there's too many on the table.

But having Iqmal the big-eater, food was never enough. So i told him to stop before he was half-full, its the Prophet's sunnah to stop whenever you're half-full, i told. Then he said "I'm not full" Then, Edros said "I know, but stop when you're half full!" Iqmal with an innocent face, then replied "Im not even close to half full" And all of us bursted laughing. He had a plate of rice with all sorts of dishes, cakes and jellies and he's not even close to half-full. Typical Iqmal!

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