Monday, September 22, 2008

16th day of Ramadhan

Today was suppose to be the Cookie-Baking day but it turned out to be Nasi Minyak making day since we'll have Kak Elin and her gang for buaka puasa. For me, i like having a group of people around for buka puasa, just boosts the spirit of togetherness and sharing. Yadi yada. So there goes my first nasi minyak which was a huge success and it was my parents favourite.

Nasi Minyak Sayangness

So tomorrow i'll be baking the Kurma cookie, i dont know how it'll turn out, and how it'll taste but lets just tawakal. Plus, I cant even think about the stress i'll be going through but im just uber-excited to bake. For the love of food, this food goddess is baking for charity. I'm not selling any of the cookies but intended to give out as a change to Duit Raya. And there'll be a few to be distributed to the Orphanage i've mentioned before. Perhaps some duit raya for them too :)

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