Saturday, September 27, 2008

22nd day of Ramadhan

I would like to wish my beloved Papa, the one and only Zubir bin Din

Happy 58th Birthday!!!

May you have many many more birthdays in years to come surrounded by your lovely family, and i pray for your great health and wealth and endless love and happiness. May Allah bless you and may He grant all my wishes for you. InsyaAllah. I love you, Pa.

Much love and kisses, Yong.

Believe it or not, Papa turned 58 this year and i'm not shy to reveal his age as he definitely does not look like one. Bravo, Pa. I wonder whats his secret ingredient to stay so youthful. At least i won't be spending a fortune on the anti-wrinkle regime. Hopefully it runs in the genes, yes?!

So, this year Mama made reservations at the Equatorial Hotel for the Berbuka Puasa buffet dinner. Besides the Zubirs, there'll be Acu, Kak Yati and Danish, Kak Muhaini, and Kak Siti. Just after being seated, i wanted to take a look at whats offered at the hotel. Yummy yum yum. It was all uber-delicious.

There was Nasi Kambing (Lamb rice), Pastas, Roti Jala, Samosa, Koay Teow Thng, Roast Chicken, Kebabs, Satays, Dim Sums, Rice and lots of dishes, Rojak, Gado-gado and fo desserts they have the Chocolate fondue, Ice-cream bars, and endless rows of desserts. But i was just not in the mood to queue at the desert bar ONLY. Believe me it was tempting but i just had a few, not like the usual rituals of endles queue-ing for deserts. No, im definitely not on a diet!

The birthday song

So after dinner and singing Happy birthday to you, Papa cut his lovely dark chocolate cake, i had to get back home. Why so soon? I was fully committed to my Kuih Samperit. Yes, i found the recipe in some old and yellowed recipe book of Mama somewhere in the drawers. Phew!

Papa and his gift from K.Muhaini, Edros & I

Again, Happy birthday Pa but i just have to go now. See ya!

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