Saturday, September 27, 2008

23rd day of Ramadhan

Today is going to be busy at the bank. Why? The government workers will get their pay and Hari Raya bonus and i need to exchange some cash for the green packets, Duit Raya. This year marks the first year i'll be giving out money after 24years of collecting them. I thought that its not fair since i'm not married. Only married people should give right? But i just thought its a way to sadaqah. It's not a fuss right? I can spend lots on unimportant stuff so i don't think its going to burn a hole in my not-so-skinny jeans.

Adam can't stop smiling

Then on the way back to the office, there was a bazaar at Dewan Budaya, USM. We stopped and Adam got his first cartoonised-portrait. I thought it was cute, Adam in an F1 car. Well, today, again, i will be as busy as the other days as i'll continue on baking and baking and skipping work of course not.

Samperit ala Sayangness

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