Friday, September 5, 2008

Deep Sleepy Dreamy..

Last night after "buka puasa" with Fani the cousin, we were very full so a walk around Queensbay was the best thing to do. We went in a few shops and I only grabbed one item this time holding back La Senza purchases. I bought Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist from Body Shop.

I know, i know i bought a lot from the SALE last few month, and im sure its a year's stock but i could not resist the new item. I just love organic products or those with herbs and natural ingredients like Body Shop, Kiehl and L'occitane. I just cant wait to try it. Blame me for pampering myself too much but i cant help it. Who else would pamper me if not myself right? (Care to Fish spa, ET?)

So here's why i cant resist buying this deep sleep dreamy pillow& body mist. Its soothing i must say and i slept like a baby. Sweet dreams.

Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist

Best if you want to:
Get your beauty rest with this quick-drying, super-snoozer mist that balances the senses and soothes the mind all night long.

How it works:
Special encapsulation technology allows bursts of active fragrance to be released throughout the night as your body moves.
Jujube date is considered to promote deeper sleep, while Community Trade camomile calms and helps to maintain a restful sleep.
Geranium, juniper and patchouli oils soothe and promote tranquility.

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MarlissaMusa said...

hi dura..
nak join tak buka puasa with me, wan azwani usm, and azrin..venue tbd on this friday :)

p/s:-cepat la update blog :)