Wednesday, September 17, 2008

13th Day of Ramadhan

I started my day early for some shopping. The Zubirs (yes that's my family) entourage at Pavillion. Am so loving it. No hot sun. No dreaded walks. Just perfect!

Traditional Performance at Pavilion

We started with charles&kieth, a shoe boutique. Dead cheap shoes . Well not so, but its definitely worth buying with the crazy comfy soles, who would resist it? The shoes ranges from MYR80 over and i got another gladiator sandals. But the best part was, i came back with mommy dearest and got ourselves more shoes. Yippie!!!

Then we went to Topshop, Pull and Bear, Gap, Guess and madness it was for the five of us (Edros, Elly, Iqmal, and i). It was like a shop-till you-drop competition. Everyone grabbed everything including Papa. Funny buy, he got himself this cardigan from Topshop. Wow, i know. Funny, i think. But he's my daddy cool. While shopping, I've come to realise that Iqmal is now a teenager, he wanted to choose his attire rather than wearing what Mama or anyone chooses for him. Welcome to the club, Mal!

We ended up entering every single shop available, minus the not so interesting ones, of course. Was there from 10 to 5pm. With aching legs and i had to rush for my reunion buka puasa with my YPM friends at Nelayan. Thank God, i made it on time after a 30minute foot reflexology in our hotel room.

The Yellow canaries

Upon arrival, i was so thrilled to meet my loves, Attie and Nad. Nad, we're so sehati-sejiwa. Both of us wore yellow. Maybe the colour for this season but it was cute. Nelayan was so packed with people and i dare you not to drop a sweat with the endless queues for buffets, the delicious food and heat from the steamboat. Look at myself, it was mad alright! My tudung was rebellious as well. (Nelayan had good food but it is best to go during the non-peak season, you'll end up with nothing much but a bad review)

Standing[L-R]: Mummy Ain and Elly

Seated[L-R]: Sue, Nad, Attie, Me and Wani

One by one, my friends starts to show and i was really happy to see each one of them. The thing is they didnt know bout my little surprise and when they knew bout the cupcakes, each of the took back 3boxes per person. That's how lucky they got and how unlucky of those who didnt make it. Overall, endless chats with Attie, Nad, Elly, Sue, Ain and Wani made me come to realise how much i missed college life. Well, let's do more of this okay friends?


P/s: Ain i hope your baby loves the choc cupcakes and Sue, hope the cupcakes cheered you up! and to the BFF's, lets wait till ET and Sya and 306 will be reunited again :)

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